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Garden Apartment Homes
Pool Rules for Heege Place  Apartments
Many of the items listed below are county code requirements.  The rules set forth below are in many cases county code and are not optional.  Repeated violations will result in residents being banned from the pool:

Glass containers are not permitted in or around the pool area.
Compliance with these rules and all posted signs is mandatory.  There are numerous signs posted around the pool.          Please be sure to pay attention to them.
The pool is for residents and guests only.  Residents are allowed to bring guests as long the resident accompanies           the guest at all times.
Kids under 14 shall be supervised at all times and must exit the pool when their supervisor exits the fenced pool               area for any reason.  DO NOT RELY ON OTHER ADULTS TO WATCH YOUR KIDS!!
Food is restricted to the tables only and must be cleaned up.  Food will be banned if it is found all around the pool            as we don’t want ants all over the pool deck.
No more than 2 guests per resident will be allowed.  Exceptions may be granted.  Please check with manager.
Pets are not permitted in or around the pool area.
Smoking is permitted in the seating and table areas only, not in the pool.  Please use the ashtrays placed around             the pool deck. 
Stereos are not permitted in or around the pool area.  There are no exceptions!
Electrical cords shall not be run into the pool area for any reason.
Raft sizes are limited to 1-person and must be removed when the user exits the pool.  Rafts are prohibited if there             are more than 5 people in the pool.
There shall be no running around the pool.
There shall be no diving or flipping into the pool.
Street clothes are prohibited from the pool.
Towels and rafts hung over the fence to dry must be removed when you leave the pool area.
Heege Place Apartments does not maintain a lost and found.  Your possessions must be taken with  you when you          leave the pool area.  Unclaimed items will be discarded.  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN            ITEMS.
The pool shall be cleared and closed at the first sign of lightning and remain closed for 30 minutes after the last                sign of lightning.
The pool attendant and he has the final say on these or any other issues related to the pool.
There is an emergency phone on the wall immediately to the west of the pool that dials 911 only.
Pool hours are as follows:
Open swim – 9:00am – 9:00pm daily

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation in following the rules and helping to maintain a safe and enjoyable swimming pool.  As many apartment complexes have closed their pools over the years, we hope to keep ours open for years to come, but it will take a concerted effort on the part of our residents to make sure that happens.

Very truly yours,